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Graphic Design

Graphic design is a visual tool that can be used for marketing, education, general awareness. By utilising design elements, graphic design elevates the content of a website to something engaging and eye-catching. Retaining a website visitor’s attention is a key point for the use of graphic design – good design leads to improved traffic, and improved traffic leads to sales conversions for online businesses.

HotKeys understands the need for quality graphic design, which is why HotKeys provides graphic design solutions for businesses that are looking to improve on their business and website identity. HotKeys offers graphic design services and web design and development that are current with global design trends, giving your brand a modern and fresh look every time. Convert web traffic into sales with engaging and responsive graphics, using design that is intuitive and easy to navigate.

Database Management

The management of such information can make or break a business. Data security and privacy are valuable to both end-users and web admins and a data mismanagement can directly affect client confidence in a business.

This is where HotKeys comes in. The proper management and handling of data wether it is for internal or external consumption, should not be taken lightly. HotKeys understands the need for a clear and intuitive database management system.

HotKeys offers consultations to clients looking to improve their existing database management system, as well as creating new ones better suited to their needs.


Security Management

Data privacy is a buzz phrase that any self-respecting business should take seriously, which is why security management is a paramount! Security management focuses on the safety of assets and resources such as information stored in a database and aims to protect sensitive data from being compromised. Keeping your data safe from breaches ensures the integrity of your information, making sure that malicious third parties aren’t able to tamper with the sensitive data your business uses to operate.

HotKeys has a security management service provider that is highly aware of this need within the industry, and we are dedicated to ensuring that your business’s data isn’t compromised in any way. Armed with knowledge on the latest trends in data security threats, the Hotkeys team focuses on protecting data integrity by creating management systems tailored to the needs of the client.

Content Editing and Review

Building websites seems easy at first – but once you get to the nitty-gritty of it, building websites can take a lot more effort than you’d realise. One of the biggest tasks with building a website is content research and creation, which is the process of generating and collecting the data and then using this data to create web pages. Content editing and review, on the other hand, is the optimising and arranging of data so that all the information is unified and clear.

HotKeys provides services for website content editing and review. With HotKeys help, websites are created with the user in mind – is the information presented readable? Does it present a clear picture of what the information is supposed to represent? Does the content meet the quality standards of the client? HotKeys aims to answer these questions through the efforts of a dedicated content team.


Content Writing Services

Content writing is a field of writing that requires both technical ability and creativity to convey information. From blog posts, social media posts, web pages, white papers, and so on, content writing fuels a good chunk of the Internet’s content. In fact, what you’re reading right now is written content.

See the importance of content writing? Written content is everywhere – and high-quality content writing can be the deciding factor between a website succeeding or floundering.

HotKeys takes content writing seriously, which is why we have a team of professional website content writers who are readily available for any content related needs. HotKeys’ content team have a solid grip on language, work efficiently even when under pressure, and have the technical ability to convey your desired message in a variety of tones and writing formats.


Programming is ubiquitous these days – but what is it? Programming is the process of writing a set of instructions for a computer to perform. From the apps on your phone to the proprietary software being run by businesses, programming is an integral part of day-to-day processes, as it dictates the functional design of the programs you use. Whether you’re running a small business or a multinational corporation, programming can help increase efficiency and quality of work. Good programming makes you think it’s easy; excellent programming makes you think it’s effortless.

HotKeys will help your business get to where you want it to go. With our team of programmers and developers, Hotkeys can provide the needed functionality your business is seeking. Our team is fluent in various programming languages, and are up to date with programming trends and compliances.


Content Management System (CMS)

Publishing content on a website can be a tedious process. On top of creating the content, you have to manage the publishing process, which includes adding to, editing, deleting, or replacing the content already created. An intuitive and effective content management system should make this process easier and smoother for the end user. An effective content management system makes it a breeze to revise, rearrange, and remove content, either in part or by whole. At the same time, the content management system should also be able to handle multiple users collaborating on the content.

With this in mind, HotKeys provides alternatives to the cookie-cutter content management systems already in play in the market. We at HotKeys are well-versed with the needs and standards requisite with content management and will help your web content handling run as smoothly as possible.

Blockchain Smart Contract

Looking for means to simplify and automate routine and repetitive processes to save resources? Smart contract is the key. It helps eliminate human involvement, thus increasing the speed of transactions in a business imposed in the contract.

With smart contracts, data entered in the blockchain are secured. This means that they cannot be altered or deleted. And if one party fails to complete its obligations, the other party will be protected by the smart contract’s set conditions.


Escrow Services

Looking for a firm that can hold and regulate your fund payments while the completion of transactions is in the process? With our Escrow services, your money, funds, securities, and other assets are secured until predetermined contractual obligations have been fulfilled.
Escrow will be of great help when there are uncertainties that your buyer will be able to complete his or her obligations during the process of completing transactions.

ICO systems - Start to Finish

Initial Coin Offerings have helped a lot of successful projects and companies to fund their startups. It is the cryptocurrency version of crowdfunding. So, if you want to get funds for your projects that you see value in, this method is the easiest and most efficient.

But before you finally decide on starting your own ICO, make sure that you have already understood blockchain and cryptocurrency. It greatly helps to get a consultation from professionals who can take a look at your idea to determine if it’s feasible or not.


Capital Raising

Capital raising is an important part of business development. Capital raising involves obtaining funds from outside sources to get one’s business up and running, as well as funding the daily operations of a business to keep it running smoothly. For small and start-up businesses, this can be a big leap in terms of financial responsibility and management. Knowing where to start with capital raising can make or break a business, especially when it comes to the business’ finances.

With this in mind, HotKeys offers comprehensive capital raising services with options for the business to peruse. Here at HotKeys, we have options available for venture capitalist, debt capital and equity capital, as well as consultations to help determine which options are best suited for a given business. Capital raising doesn’t need to be a trial by fire for any business.

Security in Blockchain

Blockchains – what are they, and how do they work? For people who have encountered cryptocurrency, then the word ‘blockchain’ will have come up as part of the conversation. Blockchains are digital ledgers containing the transaction history of cryptocurrency, and the security of this information is important for businesses that plan on utilising cryptocurrency as part of their business processes.

Ensuring that blockchains are secure is one big concern with cryptocurrency, but this isn’t easy – blockchains can be very complicated, and will need professional expertise for the information to be broken down appropriately.

This is where HotKeys comes in. HotKeys offers business consultations to make sure that your blockchains are secure. We’ll walk your business through your options in terms of securing your blockchains, as well as the cryptocurrency themselves. HotKeys has a dedicated team for blockchain security that will help your business get up to speed.


Marketing Strategy Consultation

The four principles of marketing strategy are: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Coming up with a feasible plan using these principles can be tedious, however, and in some cases, it can be a hassle to implement marketing strategy. Trial and error with marketing strategies can also be very costly – which is why HotKeys offers marketing strategy consultations that are based on global online marketing and digital advertising trends.

HotKeys’ marketing strategy consultations will walk your business through the basics, helping formulate an online marketing plan that will guarantee website traffic and sales conversions. From SEO to ad placements, HotKeys will work with your business towards a more prominent online presence, as well as more visible brand recognition from your prospective clients.

Online marketing is highly competitive, and getting your business out there can be a daunting task even for the most seasoned marketing agency. Don’t be left behind – contact HotKeys today and book a consultation.

Blockchain Crypto Related Taxation

Providing accounting and tax advice for Blockchain and cryptocurrency financials is another service specialisation of HotKeys. We have tax agents who are practised in the field of Blockchain and have a thorough understanding of compliance prerequisites.

We keep records of your accounting transactions online and assess the results effectively. We perform standard analysis on your account and tax issues and find the best way/s to resolve them. Also, we develop systems to boost the efficiency of the accounting process.

Give us a ring today, and we will provide you with blockchain consulting and clear information on your cryptocurrency financials’ legal obligations.


Ongoing Management of Business Financials

It is essential for businesses to consider financial management as one of their priorities. It includes cash management and bookkeeping, involving the creation of financial statements and analysation of statements. Financial analysis help determine and understand a business’ financial condition.

We at HotKeys offer financial management services to help you with your business strategy to build basic systems and practices for your business. Starting from budget deviation analysis, financial accounting, budgeting and managing a budget, credit and collections, financial planning, and managing cash flow, these services are important for a healthy business.

Contact us today and our experienced staff will guide you with how financial management works and help you understand financial data to the extent that you can figure out the current status of your business, the effects of the management decisions you make, and its impact on the financial condition of your business in the future.

Ongoing Management of Development Projects

Project management is a professional practice that has become widely accepted in many industries. Many organisations have already adopted such practice as it helped improve their project results. It focuses on funding, monitoring, and evaluation processes, as well as management competencies, methodologies, and systems required in managing a project.

HotKeys houses professionals who have the knowledge and expertise in project management. They can provide you with project development services, tools and methodologies that have been found effective in different industries. Also, they can help you in managing all of the components that make up a project, starting from the resources, risks, and changes to ensure that projects meet objectives within the set schedule, budget, and expected quality.


Accrediting Existing Blockchain Architects

Businesses and industries are disrupted by blockchain which is becoming one of the most exciting technologies to date. Paramount to the success of any enterprise deployment or Proof of Concept is familiarisation and understanding with regards to the associated technologies, available platforms, hosting, languages, security, especially in the first stages of this technology’s deployment. If you are a decision maker, corporate executive, developer, or a stakeholder who seek to align efforts with blockchain, you must be aware of this technology’s various aspects.

Since blockchain is still new, understanding the feasibility and structure of different solutions and have a strategy in place will either make or break a project. This is why it is more advantageous to get into this technology. Not only it is a flexible decentralised economy, but is also self-sustaining, less likely to be hacked, and involves the most talented developers in the world just to improve the system.

Appoint Dedicated In house Developers for projects

For businesses that look for web development resources, outsourcing is often chosen. However, the downside in hiring outsourced developers is that they deal with a lot of clients. This means that their creativity will be distributed to all of its clients, and not fully concentrated on.

Not with in-house developers as they devote their full attention to designated specific projects. With this, they can provide high-quality work and fix bugs faster and more efficiently. Also, they can attend the customisations required by clients to meet their business needs. Screening candidates can be a hard task for any business. Leave this job to HotKeys.










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