Main Focus

Blockchain Focused Software Development

From the old to the new, Software development comes as a set of processes including testing, designing, development, planning, bug fixing, etc., all of which are essential to building and maintaining software.

HotKeys has a team of tech-savvy developers that can assist you with building software to streamline your business operations. Through our products, your business will be able to boost its productivity, improve its flexibility, increase its value, as well as reduce costs in upgrades, licensing, as well as training.

We provide back-end and front-end development. Both are vital in forming stable, structured, and visually-appealing software products customised to our clients’ requests.

Mobile App Development

More and more people are using smart devices like iphones or androids to complete their daily tasks, from making checklists to communicating with people, checking and responding to business emails, purchasing items, and ordering food online.

Mobile apps make everything convenient. That’s why these apps should be easy to use and highly dynamic. Not only do they make things easier for the user, but they also assist both small and large-sized businesses in reaching users from the world over.

Web Design Development

Your website is a representation of your business on the internet. It’s also a key feature in your business strategy.

Hotkeys understand that your site plays an integral part of your business plan. We have years of experience building and designing small to large-sized websites, ensuring to meet the goals of elevating your brand and pushing your business forward.

    We offer the following:

  • Web development – we build effective website development services, of whatever size and scope, to meet our clients’ goals.
  • Graphic design – we create graphics for branding, infographic, custom web design, interactive design, and many others.
  • Responsive design – we make use of responsive design to provide seemliness transition for users between different kinds of devices (smartphones, tablets, and desktops).
  • Database implementation – we can assist you in all your database integration needs.
  • Multimedia – we can help you with more content creation through video production and photography from the strategy to storyboarding and execution stages.
  • Open source programming – we specialise in a variety of platforms and programming languages, such as PHP and JAVA.

Website Maintenance and Support

As HotKeys develops websites for our clients, so do we provide maintenance and support for them.

We offer comprehensive and flexible maintenance plans for all types of websites, from simple HTML sites to multifaceted databases. No matter how sizeable or small the sites are, we give each one with the same amount of significance, aiming to give the fastest, most efficient services possible.

And with that, we can perform the following:

  • Problem reporting and bug fixes, including resolving broken scripts
  • Website support through call support
  • Site revisions, edits, updates, as well as fresh content creation on existing web pages according to client requests
  • Site analytics and stats
  • Consultation on-site optimisation and management and possible performance enhancements
  • Consultation on documentation for potential enhancements and projects
  • Security issue maintenance (patches, databases, scripts, image/bandwidth theft, and the like)
  • New graphics and icon/logo creation
  • Code modifications
  • 24/7 customer support

Cryptocurrency Facilitation

Do you have clients who can’t use wallets due to technical limitations or difficult account opening requirements? Then you are in need of an over-the-counter (OTC) payment system.

OTC payment and transactions are relied on times when your customers don’t use their accounts. Instead, they transact in cash with an agent who completes the electronic payment on their behalf. Such systems are best incorporated in your planned business strategies as it is a way for you to reach customers who can’t use wallets.

Such payment systems are a carefully sequenced service. Data entry is reduced and over-the-counter payments are completed accurately and quickly.


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